Tuesday, July 3, 2012

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My Name is Marjun Yara 33yo from the Philippines, a simple family man guy who has working at computer shop , sitting in front of the computer all day everyday for almost 9hours+, im really shocked on the program that i've discovered!Not to mention on Passive mode, and funny thing is, I've never ever read a single eBook in my entire life! Never thought that i could earn with eBooks in the shortest time possible.
From the Industry that Started Changing Lives of the Ordinary Person, Comes a New REVOLUTIONARY Discovery!
The ONLINE Network Marketing" 
Let me tell why i grab this Big Opportunity how i did this. One day when i was at work one of my friend told me that there is mormoring out here in facebook and its a huge income he said, and then i try to open my facebook. All i see is this SUPREME WEALTH ALLIANCE, and i said to him what is all about, and what will do to my life, it will change your life so i grab the opportunity and follow what he says. And now I couldn't believe, that we could earn more even we are staying at home. before, stored in my EMAILS is only  Facebook JUNKS, and other SPAMS!right now, my Email was Flooded by Cash Commissions!!, you get this commission very effective if you share you link to this following websites i've mention neobux, paidtoclick, linkreferral, linkgrand, makeprofitwithus, easymoneyshares, easyhits4u, emails, facebook last is google Adwords. Look what this sites give me my commissions, believe it or not but this is real.

Supreme Wealth Alliance 3 ways to earn

1st We share our product is called the supreme wealth library software, from the software you can download tons of premium materials like ebooks, videos, audio, templates, font etc.You can earn by promoting the library to anyone...
2nd If someone gets interest you earn and give your clients to earn too if she/he markets our products, You can also sales our ebooks by tingi2x, most of our ebooks resale...

3rd way to earn is by spillover, since this program is on an early stage lots of member are earning even without  a single referral HOW? thru spillovers. if you are unfamiliar with spillovers You can ask me and explain it to you.

I was also SKEPTICAL at first, simply because i am NEW on Money Making Online the first question i had in mind was "How do i get my commissions?" "I don't have a credit card" and "I am not good in Referring People". 

This Opportunity is GLOBAL, and the Default Payment Options are Payza ,Liberty Reserve, Western Union, BPI Bank, Globe Cash, HSBC Bank Deposit(US$), Smart Money(Php), Banco de ORo, Union Bank, LBC Express Remittance. But the CEO of the company made other Payment Options available, and you can also get your Payouts with these International Payment Options(See Screenshot below if you are familiar)
Payment Options 
The Program "Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate". It is a Global Opportunity that is promoting a product called the "Supreme Wealth Library", it is a PC Software wherein you can download PREMIUM Quality eBooks and make a Profit with it, you also got MASTER RESALE RIGHTS on it! And People are CRAVING for INFORMATION specially when it comes to knowledge on how to Market their Businesses. 

If you're reading this, you're probably looking for a quick and easy way to make money with your computer. 

I know. I've been there. I've tried almost everything under the sun... network marketing, MLM, Google traffic gimmicks, envelop stuffing, surveys, High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP)... the list goes on and on. None of these have worked for me, even with their awesome endorsements, infinite list of testimonials, and countless bonuses. 

The problem? These programs and products were either too labor intensive (and thus not realistic for a 9-to-5 jobber to do after work), or they were too "techie" to understand. 

That all changed one afternoon when I stumbled upon this $1,000 per month secret that is so simple that it only takes me 2 hours of work per week, well I'm in front of a PC everyday because i work in computer shop.  

Read here to Know more about this Opportunity BECAUSE... 
SWA Software

Take Control of your Financial Future!
Only $55 or 2,500 Php To Get Started

For a one-time fee of only $55 or 2,500 Pesos you can start filling your account with cold-hard cash even minutes after you JOIN.

It's like starting a Bookstore Business, only DIGITAL! Launching your own Wildly Profitable eBook Business Venture Gives you...
  • A low-risk business you can operate anywhere
  • Very High Paying Commissions since there aren't shipping or printing costs (and it is TAX FREE!!!)
  • An instant home business you can launch starting today
  • The Potential to easily make "auto pilot" income everyday.
  • EARN from your own Referrals, and the Referral of you Referrals!
SWA Logo

The perfect opportunity that you have been
waiting for and dreaming of is finally here at last!

What is SWA Ultimate: Perfect Pay Plan System? 

It is a 100% online
business program
specifally designed
to help regular
people around the
world attain financial
success through a
APPROACH... all from
within the comfort of
the home computer 

Approach 1
Approach 2 

The SWA Product: The Supreme Wealth Library
SWA developed a massive library whose resources can
teach you the practical principles, secrets, techniques,

and strategies on how to build and maintain wealth 
SWA LibraryThe Library now contains
hundreds of titles and
thousands of resources.

They are in the form of
eBooks, videos, audios,
scripts, graphics,
templates, modules,
icons, fonts and other
media formats 
 Below is a very small selection of our wealth eBooks just these ones below are already worth over a $200 in value. You can verify how much each book costs in your local bookstore.
In addition, we have lots of strategic training progams that
can help you boost the sales of any product or business that you
are promoting. Below are the few about social media marketing...
...and here, the few about marketing in general. There are
many more in the library not shown in this presentation.
This is how your software looks like.
Another Superb feature of the
Supreme Wealth Library
is that you can conveniently access all its
products and resources from within one
area... the library downloader software.

Our Powerful search feature
makes you easiliy find resources
base on title, description, or even
based on product type or rights. 
PLUS! Many of the products inside the library have
RESALE RIGHTS, so you can even sell them individually.
They even have their very own attractive sales pages!
Sales Pages 

With all these features, value and content, one would
easily think that the SUPREME WEALTH LIBRARY costs

hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It does not... 
One time Payment of $55 or 2,500 Pesos
There's a lot more to explain, but i know
you might be VERY EXCITED to be part of this
opportunity already, or you can't wait to get your
hands of these wonderful products, you can JUMP in
right now by clicking this button below.
(Click the button, and scroll down and click SIGN UP on the page)
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or you can continue reading and check out the  Compensation Plan (Pay Plan) and learn how you can earn BIG
and create a SMART PASSIVE INCOME while at home 
"The SWA System: The Perfect Pay Plan System (P3S)"
It's because we combined the 2 best and most popular
compensation plans (or pay plans) on the internet,
whereby the weaknesses of each are neautralized, and
their best features are magnified.

Pay Plans

In other words, you get the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!
On their own, each of the payplans in the P3S have made
millionaires out of ordinary people all across the globe.
SuccessJust imagine what can
happen now that their
best features are 
combined and their
individual weaknesses
are neaturalized. 
You can earn super explosive income!
What's superb about these 2 pay plans is that the weaknesess of one
are the strengths of the other, that's why they are a 'perfect couple'
2 is better than 1

Every one who joins SWA Ultimate and purhcases the
Supreme Wealth Library gets into 2 Seperate Pay Plans.
Each with Different Accounts and Different Back Offices
2 Pay Plans
2 x 2 Matrix                                                                            3-Up Infinity Pass Up
The Pay Plan 1 (2 x 2 Matrix) and the Pay Plan 2 (3-Up Infinity Pass Up)
Everyone, the same goes with all your referrals gets to join 2 Payplans
You can earn from their Purchases (Joining) and from the purchases  of their referrals
(and so on) and you can earn in the 2 Pay Plans at the same time Simultaneously.

Pay Plan # 1 Explained
(The 2 x 2 Dynamic Follow Matrix)
This Pay Plan is Based on a 
structure of only 7 Persons
---you, your first 2 level
downlines, and their 2 first
leve downlines --- hence
the term '2 x 2'. 
To earn from this System, you simply need to fill up your
2 x 2 Matrix. Your Referrals and the referrals of your
referrals get into your matrix. You earn US$70 or US$90
for each completed 2 x 2 matrix, wherein you will CYCLE.
Matrix Explanation

The US$90 cycle income is for those who have accumulated
7 or more direct referrals. It's a permanent reward.

After completing your first matrix, your succeeding
matrixes can be filled up by your further direct referrals,
upline spillovers, or your direct referrals who filled up
their matrixes and followed you into your new matrix.
Matrix Explanation 
Income in a 2 x 2 matrix is Quick... basically you just
refer 2 people who then each refer 2 people. 
(The Infinity 3-Up Pass Up) 
To understand how this works, please study the diagrams below
step by step. Notice where each of your direct referrals go and how
the direct referrals of your downlines go up to you.

The P3S Advantages...
P3S Advantages
Perfect Timing For The Perfect Opportunity
Another wonderful fact about
SWA Ultimate: The Perfect Pay Plan System,
is that the program is 
extremely new. Knowing
about it at this early stage
is an extreme advantage
for you, because the global
market consists of millions 
upon millions of people 
waiting for something like this. 
Say Yes to Success
ACT upon this NOW, and your dreams may come true
even sooner than you ever thought. Say YES to SUCCESS!
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Some of the People who are already in SWA
thanks to all for reading my advertisement.
i can tell you once this opportunity like this.

 If you have QUESTIONS, INQUIRIES, or COMMENTS, SUGGESTIONS or FEEDBACKS, please feel free to CONTACT me Personally 
or add me on Facebook: generalkuya@yahoo.com
This is a BIGTIME BUSINESS,and we can actually EARN MILLIONS here thru YEARS!

 Im very excited what's waiting for me in Months
in Years, and so on!